Reading Warning Label on Medicine PackageWant to know more about your medicines?

Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) leaflets are provided free of charge from your community pharmacy when you receive your medicine.  They provide useful information about the medicine you have been prescribed.

Click here to search for a CMI leaflet about your medicine.

A CMI includes:
·         the name of the medicine;
·         what the medicine is for and how it works;
·         how to use the medicine properly;
·         if there are any possible side effects; and
·         other information about which you should be aware of.

Benefits of a CMI:
·         Helps you to better understand your medicines;
·         Helps you to identify if you are experiencing any side effects from your medicines; and
·         Helps you to know what to expect form your medicine.

Your pharmacist can also tell you if your new medicine will impact on any other medicines you are taking, including those you buy over the counter, without a prescription.

Ask our pharmacist for more information on your medicines.