daaDose Administration Aids (DAAs) are packs that contain individually sealed compartments that store your medicines divided into individual doses arranged according to the dose schedule throughout the day.  Not all medicines can go into a DAA, so ask our pharmacist if a DAA is suitable for you.

If you use medicines regularly it can be hard to remember whether or not you have taken them.  It’s also easy to mix-up your medicines and accidentally take the wrong tablets.

Benefits of a DAA:

  • Helps you to better manage your medicines;
  • Reduces the chance that you may forget to take a medicine, or take it twice;
  • Reduce the chance of experiencing any side effects from your medicines, through ensuring you take the right dose at the right times; and
  • May reduce the chance of having to go to hospital for medication mix-ups.

Mistakes with your medicines not only reduce the effectiveness of your medicines, but may lead to serious health problems.  One way of reducing the likelihood of making mistakes is to use a DAA.

You may find a DAA useful if you:

  • would like to better understand your medicines;
  • take a lot of medicines;
  • have difficulty remembering when to take your medicines; or
  • travel regularly.

Ask you pharmacist for more information on DAAs.