American pharmacist serving  senior man in pharmacyA Patient Medication Profile (PMP) is a written summary of all the medicines you take regularly, including over-the-counter and complementary medicines.  Your PMP can assist you to understand and manage your medicines by informing you how, why and when to take your medicine.

Benefits of a PMP:

  • Helps you to better manage your medicines;
  • Reduces the chance of experiencing any unexpected side effects from your medicines; and
  • Ensures that all members of your health care team know what medicines you are on, especially over the counter and other medicines they may not be aware of.

Your PMP is more than just a printed list.  A PMP has specific information about each of your medicines and may include pictures to help you know which medicines you are taking.

Your PMP will provide you with an up to date list of your medication including:

  • Medication Name
  • Brand name
  • Other brand names
  • Dose
  • Time to take the tablet
  • Description & colour photo
  • Why the tablet is taken
  • Precautions that need to be taken while using this medicine

You may find a PMP useful if you:

  • want an easy to keep record of what  each of your medicines are;
  • would like to better understand your medicines;
  • take a lot of medicines;
  • would like to give your doctor a list of all your medicines;
  • travel regularly;
  • see more than one health professional; and/or are going into hospital.